Thursday, August 5, 2010

Turkey vulture and a new born calf August 3, 2010

On Monday I headed off to visit my friend Janice at her cottage on Sturgeon Lake. We spend the morning at 2nd marsh in Oshawa and saw very little - a couple of Eastern Kingbirds, Cedar Waxwing and a Green Heron. I then headed up to the cottage by all the back roads I could find. I took over 2, 200 photos over the 3 days so there will be many entries. Janice was complaining that she had only taken 179 shots but by the end she was over 1800 as well. lol On Little Britian Road I saw a new born calf with cord still attached surrounded by TV's. The cow and calf were just fine. Here are a few shots.

The little calf was having a hard time standing up. The Turkey Vultures were circling but mom cow was protecting him.

Two of the 3 turkey vultures. They were on the post and flying right beside the car. Check out the talons on the second shot.

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