Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Baltimore Oriole nest at local park. 2016

What a great experience watching the pair of Baltimore Orioles building the nest.  You can see adult her just leaving the nest

A few weeks later the babies have come out of nest.  Luckily for me the babies first flight was a branch above the nest.  I watched the feeding for a few hours.  The next day all were gone to another area to feed.

Just fledged oriole

Feeding was non stop

This is my favourite shot of the baby screaming and the parent looking  the other way.  I heard at least 4 more young including one still in the nest.

Trumpeter Swan Babies born June 1, 2016

This sweet little swan peeking around the corner

So tired

A couple more

Look at those little wings

Tango and Ashton had 8 babies.  Only 6 remain. 

A swim around pond

Staying close to mom

Love the reflection

Red-winged black birds attacking Tango (female) as they are too close to their nest. 

Mommy and me

Orchard Oriole nest June 2016

I was very lucky to have Bonnie Waters take me for a walk to see a Orchard Oriole nest.  First time seeing one in a tree.  This first photos is the female Orchard Oriole.

Male Orchard Oriole with worm in mouth

Nest in tree.  You can just see a little tail in the corner.  To see this nest we had to sit on ground. 

you can see two little babies in the nest. 

Thank you Bonnie.