Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wilson Snipe, Upland Sandpiper Carden June 28, 2010

As we drove to Carden we heard that it was going to be a fantastic day - 20 degree and no humidity. What we didn't know was the storm awaiting us at Carden. All the birds were out enjoying the rain which was great. We heard at least 2 Whip-poor-wills in the bushes. By the time we reach the marsh on Wylie Road - the road was flooded out. So backed up and turned around. It then got really warm and strangely we saw not one bird on the way back to the main road. Don't worry follow the next 4 pages and see the beautiful birds, hawks and turtles we saw. As you can see Carol and I enjoyed our self the only weather we missed was snow.

As we drove up Wylie Road the sky's turned black and we could see water spouts. I then started to rain. Not a light rain but a downpour.

Wilson Snipe in the rain

Upland Sandpiper in the rain - I believe one is a male and the other female. One was very light.

The most popular bird of the day was the eastern kingbird. Dozens of them but then we saw this one youngster.

Marsh Wren, Birds and Blanding Turtle - Carden June 28, 2010

Marsh Wren - have heard them but got my first photo of one.

Barn Swallow

a very wet eastern Bluebird


Savannah Sparrow

Blanding Turtle - an endangered species. Carol and watched him till he cross the road and disappeared in the pond.

Colt and baby Cows June 28, 2010

We saw while driving around 2 colts with their moms and a few baby cows and adults. It was when we were driving the back roads that we got lost again and stopped a truck - well isn't it the same guy we stopped 3 hours earlier. He just put his head down and couldn't believe we were lost. Carol and I had a huge laugh about this. Again the landscapes were special.

Ospreys and babies, Broadwing Hawk and more June 28, 2010

Carol watching the birds. We had a really great time looking for ospreys. Stopped this worker in a truck to ask him where there were nest. He kindly told us where they were. We found 2 active nests but saw more than 4 flying around the lakes.

Dinner of fresh bass for the osprey young

Osprey young - you can just see the little head

Another nest and you can see 2 tails

My first photo of a broadwing hawk. It flew right over the osprey nest.

Old Farms and Flowers Carden June 28, 2010

After our visit to the field of Carden we took some side roads driving around. Saw some beautiful fields, farms and old fences.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mute Swan and cygnats June 28, 2010

Went to Cranberry Marsh and was lucky to see the mute swan with her cygnats. The sun came out for a few minutes and I loved it when the cygnats formed a circle.