Saturday, August 7, 2010

Osprey family - right on Janice property August 4 & 5, 2010

Now this is what I call handy. Janice has a family of osprey that have taken up residence at her house. They created tons of amusement for us while relaxing on the dock. My favourite part was the last evening the adults were trying to put the young osprey to bed. They got the young one in the nest - then suddenly the fledged osprey takes off screaming. Parents go and get him again - off he goes the other way screaming even louder. This went on for over a long time. Finally after dark the screaming stopped. Our laughter did also - so we wouldn't wake the little fellow.

if you look closely you will see that one leg of the osprey is banded with a silver band. Neither Janice nor I could pull up any numbers

Taken at 8pm - love the light on it.

Adult osprey

Closer shot of the large fish

heading to the nest with a fish in talon - enjoyed seeing two together

You can hear the osprey family coming from some distance. Last night on the dock at 8pm and here they come all three of them screaming.

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