Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Christmas 2011

I am so lucky to have a wonderful family. Three beautiful children Jen, Erik, and Julie, an amazing daughter in law Danica, and two totally special grandboys Cole and Reid. My mom, sister in law Mary and Kirk and husband Erle were all together for Christmas eve and day.

Fox Release with TWC Dec 2011

gonewildphotography.blogspot.c​om Am amazing story by Chris McConnell. Please go to the web site above to read the story of Fixing a Fox.

Three Adult Bald Eagles in one day Dec 28, 2011

I love Bald Eagles. What a treat to see three in one day until my daughter Julie texted me and was seeing hundreds in BC. Sigh next year the girls are going to Eagle Fest. Here that Janice and Chris

Smew - Whitby Harbour. Dec 28 2011

Smew - a total rarity
Red Tailed Hawk
Snow goose
Red Headed Merganzer
. Only the third one ever seen in Ontario.

Owl and more Owl Dec 17 2011

Great Horned Owls, two of them. Both were hooting.
Eastern Screech owl
Whitby Harbour Snowy Owl at Sunset

Snowy Owls and Red Shouldered Hawk Dec 2011

Jennifer and I drove up to meet her husband and saw two yes two amazing snowy owls.
Plus this juvenile red-shouldered hawk

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SMEW - Dec 27, 2011 An unusual visitor.

A Smew is a small merganzer that lives in Europe and Asia. It is a very rare straggler to North America. But we saw it at Whitby Harbour. Lovely looking bird and was hanging around with the red breasted merganzers.