Sunday, January 19, 2014

Great Gray Owl - the ultimate owl. Jan 18 2014

 Jen Howard and I went out for a weekend of birding.  We saw many amazing sights but the thrill of the great gray was the best.
A few sample shots.

Look at the feather detail on back of head.  You should be able to see the feather shafts

Snow Snow - more more snow

The Karate Kid.  Check out the talons on second foot.  Did you know they have yellow pads on the bottom of their feet.

See colour on pads

Favourite shots of the weekend


On the ground looking over shoulders

I love the snow
See the berries on the vines

A wonderful weekend spoiled only by the baiters who decided they wanted shots much closer. Using live mouse they threw them in the field to lure the owl forward.
Yesterday it got quite nasty and we left as I did not want to take photos of owls being baited.
Today Jen and I agreed we wanted to watch owl and we stood firm till baiters left and then got some amazing shots.
One foolish man with dozens of happy birders and photograhers watching this wonderful bird.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Great Blue Heron release - juvenile for Toronto Wildlife Centre Jan 12, 2014

 Toronto Wildlife had a juvenile Great Blue Heron that was brought in from Muskoka. The heron was freezing and starving.  With care of TWC for one month it was ready to start again. 

 Donna and I headed to Burlington with our buddy in the back of the truck.  Len, Joanne and Barry met us and took us to a creek that doesn't freeze up in the winter.
First four shots by: Joanne Redwood

 The heron was a bit slow at getting out of the box but finally he walked out.
Next three photo by: Donna Hayes

ok I will leave

a little unsteady

Looking at the heron from behind. 

love the hair do
Next 11 shots by:  Ann

Good luck - Free
last 4 shots by: Donna Hayes.

Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre for making this possible.