Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Clear-winged Hummingbird Moth in Hamilton

What a moth.
Clearwinged Hummingbird Moth
Not just one but we saw two.

Look at the colours

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Rubythroated Hummingbirds and Butterflies August 26 2015

Hummingbirds, small fast and so beautiful.
Donna and I enjoyed a stroll in the park 

see feet touching flowers

The tips of white on tail 

deep in the flower

Tip of the tail up

American Lady

Black Swallowtail 

Red Admiral


Banded Butterfly by Terry at Rosetta UBA 670

Birds in flight Course in Simcoe

Barn Owl in Flight

Great Horned Owl in Flight


Here I come for my photo Shoot.  Sammie

No I am not happy

Wing Touch

Talon touching water

Birds in Flight Course in Simcoe

Bald Eagle in flight. Love relfection and touch of talons in water

Harris Hawk in Flight

Kestrel in flight.  Small but mighty hunters

Turkey Vulture Movie Star

Juvenile Turkey Vulture.  So cute

First Flight