Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monk Parakeets in Cape Coral and Lizards Florida 2015

Monk Parakeets at the baseball diamond in Cape Coral.  Again thanks to the Cape Coral police we saw the birds.

They nest in the lights at the baseball fields.

Lizards and I have no idea what kind.

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Mississippi Kite in florida 2015

One of my favourite kites is the Mississippi Kites.  I had never seen on until we visited the Avian Reconditioning Centre in Florida.  As part of their fund-raising they do photo workshops so people can view the educational birds but at the same time learn more about them.  For more  information  or to book a session in Apopka Florida check out the website

I had no idea what the kite was going to look like but it was omg look at that face.  Stunning bird.  They are about 7.5 to 13.5 ounces with a wingspan of 3 feet.  I was sure they would be double that size.  

Picking up nesting material 

Look at the eye

Thank you Carol and Scott

Manatees and Dolphins Florida 2015

Merritt Island had a few manatees.  They are amazing and so big. 



We saw a few dolphins.  Julie you would have loved this.  We were going in to a restaurant for lunch when out of the corner of my eye I saw a dolphins. Gone left Donna, Janet and Pat in line and when to watch the dolphins outside.  

Loggerhead Shrike Florida 2015

The Loggerhead shike
I have never seen one in Ontario but hundreds in Florida.  

See bug in mouth

Bug - this shrike was so busy hunting he didn't notice me in the car. 

Stunning hunter

Little Blue Heron - in Florida 2015

Little Blue Heron by the creek 

Last year we had lots of them but his year only a couple. 

Laughing Gulls in Florida 2015

Lots of Laughing Gulls at all beaches 

Immature - notice the pink on the bottom of the bill

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Forsters Tern Florida 2015

Lots of terns and gulls on the beaches. 

Forsters Tern.  I have only seen one of these before up in Barrie. 

landing on water

See size difference