Sunday, January 24, 2016

Long eared Owl, Red-tailed Hawks, Kestrel Harrier Jan 2016

A lovely long eared owl hidden in the tree. 

Love this shot

A couple of red tailed hawks on drive

harrier with a vole

love the colours

kestrel with blood on feet

lots of ice

Bufflehead Ducks in Pickering. Jan 2016

A male and female bufflehead ducks.  Male s white and female dark.
look at the size difference.

Such beautiful ducks

Female diving


Male look a the colours on his head

Pair of Mallard Ducks

reflection from a barge

kids skating just down from open water.  Not very smart.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Loggerhead Shrike in Florida Dec 2015

Loggerhead Shrikes.   On most hydro line you see these shrikes.  This one was also calling.  Video to come.

Bug in mouth

Yellow-throated warbler in florida Dec 2015

Yellow-throated warbler in Florida.  Holly and I were looking for Burrowing Owls when a tree beside the hole filled with warblers.  Thrilled to see them but love the Yellow-throated warbler.  thanks for a great day of birding Holly.

What a beautiful coloured warbler