Monday, August 25, 2014

Turkey Vulture. 60-65 days old just fledged. August 24, 2014

Invited by Charm to see her Turkey Vulture living nearby I was so excited and thrilled to see the two juveniles on the roof.

Notice some down feathers around the neck and wing area.

Enjoying the heat of the dat

Big big bird - juvenile has a black head 

A great sight of the tv flying 

second tv was watching us very closely. No sign of the adults.

Thanks Charm.

White Tailed Deer - Fawn with spots. August 2014

Well look who is coming out of the bush right in front of me. I pulled over the car and turned i off. 

The fawn is starting to loose it's spots and enjoying eating the grasses.  Not concerned about me as I am the only car in the park and I am not moving.

So pretty 

I leave as she is still enjoying the grass. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Barred Owl release back in the wild. August 15, 2014

Thanks to The Owl Foundation this beautiful Male Barred Owl was released back where he was found.  He came in last March with a eye injury.  On August 15, 2014 we set him free again.
Donna and I went to Vineland to pick up the owl.  I was so thrilled to get to hold the owl when Stacey banded it.
I guess you can tell I am happy.  All of the following photos at TOF are by Donna Hayes

Putting on the band

Checking the wings

Sharpening the talons.

checking the wings

Looking at those talons

being weighed 930 

Stage two was to go where the owl was found. Helena Chu joined me for this.
We found a great location on a dead end road with very little traffic and lots of trees and farmers fields.All the next photos are by Helena Chu

No I don't want to leave you

No I have no intention of leaving this cage.  

Please put the cage top back on. Helena stayed in the car during the release.  

take off


He flew  really well and landed in a fairly close tree.  The following three shots are by me.  

Thanks for the ride.

Thanks to The Owl Foundation for the wonderful work they do.  Stacey, Annick and Cathy.  Thank you.

Bluffers Park in the evening

Down at Bluffers Park on Wednesday night.  Sky was full of black clouds, but a ray of sunshine came through.  Lots of activity animal wise at the park as well.  Lovely evening

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American Kestrel vs the Merlin - August 16, 2014

Arrived at the park for the hawk watch.  No one was there.  So I took a wander around the park.  I was enjoying listening to the catbird when 2 falcons came flying through.  I witnessed a merlin and kestrel playing together, soaring at each other, preening side by side, sitting side by side and giving each other fly by hits.  Nancy and Pat joined me but by then the action had ended.

This is a first for me to see both Merlin and Kestrel  enjoying each others company????????

landing beside merlin

fly by

look at the kestrel tail 

trying to knock off merlin 

gonna get you 

Merlin stretching

take off after the kestrel

Look a the tilt to the merlins head

Tired  - sat beside each other for a good fifteen minutes.  Then away the kestrel flew.