Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snowy Owls - released back to the wild. March 2014

A second year male snowy owl from The Owl Foundation being released back in the wild.
Donna Hayes did the honours with Myriam helping. Donna was having trouble holding his cage as he knew he was going to be released. Cage was bouncing and he was pounding the door.  It was cold it was windy and the snowy owl knew where he was going. One hop and he disappeared deep in the woodlots behind.  Stunning owl.
Photos by me.

The one hop
look at the colour on his wings


 Our second snowy owl of the day

Opening the cage for him.

Second snowy owl released.  this is a first year male snowy owl. 
Thanks to Toronto Wildlife Centre this fellow has a second chance at heading back to the arctic.  With hundreds of acres to fly with no cars, or people he should do just fine.

All photos by Donna.

ready to fly

Love this shot by Donna.  Wings wow.

out of the cage and ready to leave
what a beauty

Thank you to David and Myriam for allowing us to do the release at your farm.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Reddish Egret in Santibel Island. Florida, 2014

Reddish Egret
Oh my this bird was my favourite of the trip.  Look at that hairdo and you should see him dance.  Like a ballerina.  Make sure you blow up these shots so you can see his hair and bill.

Lets Dance by David Bowie

Come to me my pretty

Bye for now

Sandhill Cranes in Florida 2014

The Sandhill Crane. So graceful, beautiful and elegant. 
See the heart on his forehead

looking for food

Looking for a nesting site

Beautiful bird

Little Blue Herons - adult and juvenile

Little Blue Heron
Donna and I had a great time watching the fishermen.  All the egrets and pelicans would fly in to watch. 

Little blue and Snowy Egret.

Love this heron.


Check out the egret feathers at the back of head. 
Pretty bird

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sanderlings and few other Shorebirds Florida 2014

While everyone else was enjoying swimming in surf and water at Cocoa Beach I was enjoying walking on the beach and following this Sanderling.
Up and down the beach he fed. When the waves came in he ran towards me.

running towards me

Greater and Lessor Yellowlegs
You can see the size difference

Least Sandpiper
(please correct me if I am wrong on any of the shorebirds)

Dunlins flying in early morning

No idea

No idea

Ruddy Turnstone