Sunday, June 29, 2014

Raccoon family by our house June 28 2014

Mom and her 4 cute babies

Remember to look both ways

then cross the road fast

Climb the tree

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Black-billed Cuckoo with beautiful red eyes June 26, 2014

The thrill of the trip to Carden with Helena was the Black-billed cuckoo.  This is a new bird for me.  I was very excited to see this. He stuck around and sang for us for quite some time.

Black-billed Cuckoo in flight


Black and White photo of the cuckoo

Fawn (Bambie) June 28 2014

Stopped at the library and then decided to go for a short drive.  My goal were deer and hopefully a baby.
Well I had given up and was turning the car around to go home when there in front of me was a doe and fawn.  I back up and turned the car around so I might get one shot.  Luckily they were still there. 

No photo of the doe but it was the fawn I really wanted. 

Look at the prancing 

Not to be outdone as I left there in the fields were a dozen more deer.  See the antlers growing. 

So happy 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tree Swallow in nest box. Carden June 26 2014

A very busy pair of Tree Swallows bringing in food and taking out poop sacks from the babies inside.
You can see in this photo a white sack of poop.  

juvenile tree swallow still calling for food

Love the blue on the top of the head.

Adult leaving box and juvenile flying to the fence

Eastern Phoebe and Eastern Meadowlarks from Carden.

Love the birds of Carden

  1. Eastern phoebe
  2. The Eastern Phoebe is a small passerine bird  tyrant flycatcher .

Eastern Meadowlark taking food to young.  Back and forth they flew.

Frogs Turtles at Carden June 26, 20014

On Sedge Wren Marsh we saw a couple of turtles and frogs on the road.  We moved each one to the side and into the marsh.  This frog was not interested in leaving the road which was covered in skippers (butterflies)

Do you see what I see.  Amazing natural camouflage

A small Snapping Turtle.  Luckily as soon as I came near it - it took off in the marsh.

This turtle was very happy in a puddle in the road.  I  grabbed a bag to lift him up and move him across the road into the marsh.  Safe on the other side.  

Thanks Helena for taking these photos of me.  

one of the beautiful flowers in the marsh.

Bluebirds of Carden June 26,2014

Helena and I took a drive up to Carden.  It was a great day. Rain on the way but clear skies up in Carden.  Our first stop was the blue bird box at entrance.  Thrilled to see the female flying back and forth to the nest with nesting material.  

Beak so full of nesting material


Amazing place for a drive.