Monday, August 23, 2010

Bald Eagles OH MY - Aug 19-22, 2010

And here come the female (to view the photos larger double click each one then go to the backwards arrow to return to normal size)

Spend the weekend up in the Barrie and surrounding areas with Jen Howard. We had a wonderful time and to kick it off saw a family of bald eagles. It wasn't until we arrived back to her place that we realized we had a photo of one of the 2 fledged bald eagles. The photos you will notice are some distance away except the female graced us by flying very close to us. I will be posting over the next few day as Jen and I went to 6 different locations from Wye Marsh to local marshes.

Male Female and one fledged eaglette

Shots of the area around the bald eagle. Tightly cropped

Male flying in with food

Near the end of the day the forester terns (family of 4) were screaming and flying at the male bald eagle.

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