Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Peters New Home March 27 2011

While Chris and I were driving around we found another candidate for Peter. This house had lots of land, bird boxes everywhere, and well that open concept that Peter likes. What do you think Peter?

Coots - Thanks Chris for giving me cooties March 27 2011

There were two coots in Cobourg - really look at this bird. Green legs with claws, red eyes, white beak with a brown/red spot on the top and black. Worth the drive to see. Thanks for giving me cooties Chris.

Chris and I were amazed by the aggressive coots. He would go up to a gull and just stand up and go at it. In the one shot check out the colours on the inside wings.

Wind storm, Horned Grebes and Gull March 27, 2011

At Newcastle we saw some gulls in the water. This guy really stood out due to size and amazing diving. Fun to watch.

Horned Grebe at Oshawa Harbour

Chris and I stopped at Halls Road at 3pm on the way home. Out of the blue a small funnel cloud or dust storm appeared to the left of us. It circled across the field blowing things around. A couple of shots.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Robin, Swan and more March 24 2011

Female Red-tail in the bright sunlight March 2011

Saw the female red-tail hawk sitting in the tree. It quickly left when it saw me walking around. She is very heavy so should be in nest soon. Question is where is the nest??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bald Eagles and Great Horned Owl March 22, 2011

Today Chris Janice and I went for a drive. Lots to see but all very far away. The highlight is always seeing an eagle. The mature bald eagle was sitting in a tree. Janice thanks for driving, the treat and finding all the eagles for us.

1 of 4 juvenile bald eagles (Janice had eagle eyes again today)

Back on Nest

Great Horned Owls being tormented by crows

Girls let loose in the country - killdeer, TV and Tundra Swans

Killdeer mating in the fields

Many Turkey Vultures (kept hoping they would turn into eagles)

A field of Tundra Swans (OPP for the second time stopped to see if we needed help - first time wanted to know if we had anything to drink - must have seen Janice driving)

Deer - saw a herd of deer in the distance as well

couple of cows