Sunday, June 14, 2015

Red Fox, Beaver and more from Algonquin.

A few shots of the fox at Algonquin.  

Pretty male fox.

Beaver enjoying the branch with leaves

Saw many snapping turtles

Fantastic weekend away with the ladies.

American Bitterns fighting in Alonquin Park. June 2015

A thrill of a lifetime was watching these two american bitterns fighting in the marsh.
Thanks to the great spotting by Sarrah the pair fought right in front of us.
Prior to this I had seen 3 bitterns only.  

This is soooooo cool. Look at head and feet.

One of the bitterns in flight.

Moose while in Algonquin Park June 2015

One of two moose seen on the girls weekend away.
This first shot was taken with my 400mm lens.  All I could get was the antlers.  Notice the viens in earls and the eye lashes.

A majestic bull moose

Moose in mud

This was the first moose we saw.  Can you find him in the bushes.

Downy Woodpecked fledged baby June 2015

In my front yard today a adult feeding a newly fledged Downy Woodpecker.

Looking a bit tired adult looking for 2 young in tree

Feed me

Down the hatch

One baby

Second baby.  Looking a bit full in the belly.

Red-winged Blackbird with newly fledged baby June 2015

Feed me Dad
A thrill to sit in car and watch the newly fledged red-winged black bird being fed.

Down the hatch

More food

Love the marking and face.

The parent was always close by

Back shot

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Barn Owl - Release of a wild barn owl with The Owl Foundation May 2015

This past winter was very hard on owls.  This barn owl was found starving and quite thin.  Rescued by The Owl Foundation he was assessed and treated.  Finally he was ready to be released back in the wild.

Wellness Check.  Check the flight feathers and tail feathers by TOF
Wing check and photo for ID


Annick at TOF continues wellness check.

So excited to hold owl while being banded

Finally the big moment of release.  Annick and Jack stood and Annick opened her hands. The barn owl flew then gave us a wonderful circle over our heads.  Then was gone.  Time dusk.  

A little wink

And away he goes

Last sighting of the owl. 

Shared this great day with Annick and Jack of the  Owl Foundation and Chris M volunteer.

To end this great day Chris and I were asked to release a Eastern Screech Owl.
No photos as it was after 10pm.

This is one of the best release of all.
Good luck Barn Owl.