Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rosetta Park and Gardens . Dec 2016

What is the shape

Last day of roses

Every day is a good day when you can walk at Rosetta McLain Park and Gardens

Red Fox loves to climb. Dec 2016

Talking to friends when he came charging at a squirrel.

Christine Wiznuk took these two shots of the fox and me. Love this sequence shots.   He was walking around then suddenly

up the tree he jumped then climbed.  Squirrels were up there.

close up shot

check out his paws.

Then away he ran back to the bluffs.

Red Fox in the park. Dec 2016

Oever the past few week I have seen foxes at my house, down the road, and at friends places in the am.  Loving this opportunity to watch the behaviour

Missed him again. Up the tree when the prey

Love this position.  Lighting changed then dull again.

Thinking about his missed snack

Long Eared Owl resting Dec 2016

What a beautiful owl.  It was resting in the woods when a downy woodpecker woke him up.

It was the best 15 min all day

Red Fox on the prowl. Dec 2016

Stalking his prey.  At Shirleys he layed down to watch the squirrels.  When he was ready he was gone in a flash.  No luck this time.

Profile shot

Front shot

Resting until the next squirrel shows up.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Red Fox - spent lots of time climbing

what a beauty


so fast on their feet

up and over in seconds

another fence

another fence