Saturday, November 30, 2013

American Kestrel, Male and Female and Snowy Owl Nov 30, 2013

 Male American Kestrel


 Pulling feathers

 Female American Kestrel
 Snowy Owl far far away.  But so beautiful

Common Merganzers, Harris Hawk and more Friday Nov 29 2013 a drive around Whitby

 Male Common Merganzer

 Cranberry Marsh birds
Chickadee, Dove, Nuthatch, Young Turkey, Red-tailed Hawk and Raven

 Made me stop and turn around.  What is that. A falconers bird - Harris Hawk sitting on top of the hydro pole in the middle of a field.  Watched for a few minutes to see the falconer trying to get hawk down.  Harris wanted nothing to do with him.

Snowy day - no light but some nice sky. Nov 2013

 Black Duck male and female

 Bluffers Park at the end of the day
 Long Tailed Duck
 After work at the end of the day

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hooded Merganzers at -18 on Sunday

 Ponds were all frozen overnight but Donna and I braved the cold to see some ducks.  Ok so we were the only people out there. Our trips to look lasted 10-15 min then run back and get warm again. Back out for 5 min etc.
But we were thrilled to have some nice looks at the Hoodies.

 Fishing and diving non stop

 I really like this shot of the female with her head up. Not sure what it means but she had many males chasing her.

 One hoodie has a lot of white on her and the colour of her head is very pale red. 
 frozen water, reflections and snow
friend hidden in the trees watching red-headed ducks.

Common Merganzer and A coyote with mange

 Male Common Merganzer
Common Merganzer  

 For every great sighting you see a sad one. This Coyote is suffering from mange.  Mange is treatable but the trouble is trying to catch the coyote.
Wildlife staff have been told and will keep an eye out for this sweet coyote. If he can be helped I know Toronto Wildlife Centre will try there best.

Love this shot - I was driving down the road and saw the shape. I was pretty amazed to see a coyote