Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Barred Owl Release for the Owl Foundation

yes I love doing this

The owl was taken to the Bowmanville Vet and had trouble standing. 

Photo of the wing
Stacey does this on every bird that is released

Now the fun happens.  Just at dusk Wendy gets ready to release the owl

He doesn't waste any time. 

Deep in the bushes he flies and cannot be found again.
Wendy great job.

Great Horned Owl release for the Owl Foundation

A beautiful Great Horned Owl who was brought in with foot injuries.  I actually did the pickup in Bowmanville and then drove her to Vineland. 

Love that owl face. 
prior to all releases the owls get a wellness check then banded

This owl need his bill sharpened and talons cleaned up

After her manicure

Wing check

Owl may not be happy but I sure am

photo by Wendy of the first landing of the owl
Holding this beautiful owl if beyond words

away he goes.

ready to go
Donna Hayes opens the cage and owl sits there looking at her. 

I like it here.

Osprey Toronto Wildlife Centre release Sept 2016

Stacey Toronto  Wildlife rescue staff gets ready to release an Osprey.  Osprey was captured by road crew who noticed the osprey was not flying.  Eye treatment and a bit of fresh fish and he was ready to be released when found. 

Taking a peak out to see where he was

And away he goes.  Strong flight right over the park and back on the migration route.

Thank you Stacey for letting me watch

Friday, September 16, 2016

Muskrat and Babies Sept 2016

How often do you see a wood duck, a baby muskrat and a frog in a shot. 

Lower Reesor Pond was destroyed by TRCA.  All the water gone but this tiny pond.  But in the pond were 4 muskrats, 4 wood ducks, 6 mallards,  frogs many of them, killdeer, kingbirds, robins, tailless sparrow and more. 

Mom and one young

enjoying the water

lots of frogs in the shade

Even a killdeer in the same little bit of water.

White Tailed Deer with fawns Sept 2016

Can anything even be more beautiful than a fawn.  How about 4 of them.

The morning light hits the fawn

Tail at attention

Out of the woodpile

Coming out of the forest

the kiss

communication between two doe

mom and her twins

Another family with one fawn

So much fun to look at ..  Enjoy