Friday, May 24, 2013

Red Fox - male May 2013

This was the first fox we saw. He was beautiful but did have a slight limp. According to staff he has had the limp for the past year. Otherwise very healthy looking, amazing fur and the face wow.

Pretty Female Red Fox - May longweekend 2013

The first day we were lucky to see one fox. That same night we saw a lovely female fox (nursing mom) on the back roads. She was very very pretty. I was looking for the Black Backed Woodpeckers and Julie was looking for the Gray Jay. We had gone in two different directions and when I looked back the fox was beside the car??

4 Deer and 4 Gray Jays May long weekend 2013

The last time Julie and I were in Algonquin we did not see one Gray Jay. When we pulled over on Arrowhan Road a Gray Jay landed in Julie's hand. Also on Hwy 60 we saw 4 deer.

Black Backed Woodpecker and 4 Broadwing Hawks - Algonquin May longweekend 2013

On another back road I was looking around. Right in front of me lands a BLack-backed Woodpecker - no camera nothing. I go back to the car and Julie spotted him on a dead tree just down from the car. I have not seen one in over 7 years. What a thrill. Eagle eyed Julie spotted 4 Broad-wing Hawks over the weekend in Algonquin. All were sitting on hydro lines in the park.

Spruce Grouse at Algonquin. May 2013

Julie and I were very excited to see a male spruce grouse displaying on the back roads in Algonquin.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Barred Owl Release - thanks The Owl Foundation may 2013

I was so happy to be able to pick up four owls from The Owl Foundation to be released. Chris M volunteer did two rleases and I was able to to do two as well. This second barred owl gave us a real thrill. Photo of release taken by Janice Hill and her daughter Kristin Cornell. Perfect time of day 8:15pm, empty location (no people), a great tree lot. Free to fly again. What a great day. Thanks to everyone who participated. The Owl Foundation you rock. In order for any owl to be released back in the wild the Owl Foundation Annick and Stacy do a wellness check, wings, tail feathers, fat count, talen and beak (sharpened if needed), weight. Then away they go back to the same location as found.