Monday, February 25, 2013

Coyote - Think before you distroy them.

A few shots of Coyotes. They are amazing wild animals. More scared of people. Leave them alone.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Red-Tailed hawk morning - a pair of them in the Rouge.

On my way to volunteer for TWC with Chris I took a quick drive up the road. There over the creek high in the tree was a pair of Red-tailed Hawks. These shots are more than 70% crop. Enjoy

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eastern Screech Owl in our backyard - this past week. Feb 2013

Gray arrived back in November 2012. i still get a thrill every time I look out the window at dusk to see his head sticking out of the house. Lets hope he stays and brings more owls around. A week ago I had a Red-tailed hawk land on the backyard branch.

American Kestrel - with Carol last weekend

A short drive with Carol had an amazing experience with an American Kestrel. We saw the bird as we were driving down a back road. Staying in the car we pulled over and were surprised by the calling of the kestrel. You could see he was upset but we could see nothing nearby. Looking for a fox, coyote or another hawk but this little guy was bouncing up and down. He finally went deep into the branches and came up with a feather and piece of meat. Must have fallen out of his talen while on the hydro line. make sure you enlarge these shots to see the colours.

Barred owl and mix of little birds with Carol last weekend

A drive with Carol last weekend. Wild Turkeys

Last weekend Carol and I took a drive to see what was around. With a bit of luck we saw some amazing sights. Here are a few of the Wild Turkey.