Monday, November 29, 2010

Hawks Hawks everywhere - total of 35 of them

We saw 25 Red-Tailed Hawks both adult and juvenile. One was extremely vocal. Other highlights of the day were red bellied woodpecker, 5 northern harriers plus more for 22 species day. Leslie and I both enjoyed the backroads and the beautiful sun.

Leslie and I were shocked to see a rough legged and red tail hawk sitting in the same tree. The Rough-Legged suddenly went after the red tail.

Our first sighting was a beautiful Rough Legged hawk. Over the course of the day we saw 5 of them. Most were actively hunting. Saw both dark and light morph.

Roughlegged Hawk with pigeons (supper anyone)

Injured Canada Goose (has been reported to Toronto Wildlife Centre)

Mallard Duck on icy pond


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Horned Owl, Shrike and very very cold Nov 26

Check out those talons

Today Janice and I decided to go and find some birds. lol during the first 5 hours all we saw was a northern shrike at Long Sault Conservation Area, peacocks and pretty hens at the Oshawa Zoo. Thinking that was going to be it for the day we went down to Oshawa and Whitby area. Nothing. Finally decided to see if the Great Horned Owl was around and that my friends was the bird of the day. By the way it was sooooooooooo cold outside today that the hikes were short and fast. Nice hat Janice. I will post a shot of it someday Elmer Fudd.

Northern Shrike and yes that is snow falling

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Male Fox having an afternoon sleep in the park Nov 19, 2010

I was watching the crows in the trees thinking they would bring me a hawk to watch when I felt a body hit my leg. The fox was backing up trying to get away from the crows. He wandered through the park and finally took a nap under a tree. In the first photo you can see him looking up - there was a cooper hawk in the tree beside him as well as 6 crows. The fox is a beautiful male. Friends of the park were treated to an amazing show. I have still not gone through all my photos. lol

So tired - yawning - notice those nice big teeth

Marking his territory

Red-Tailed Hawk Juvenile Nov 19, 2010

Down at the park today with many of my friends we were entertained by this juvenile red-tailed hawk. He soared around the park trying to find food - at eye level he could be seen dipping and diving for squirrels. He turned left then right to avoid trees. Carol had a brush of feather on her face as he flew beside her. The hawk landed a few times and just sat there preening and watching the squirrels below him. He was chased by the crows and also the cooper hawk on the next page. What a thrill to watch this young red-tail hunt for food. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Going after a squirrel in the tree

Cooper Hawk Nov 19, 2010

Part of my Nov 19, 2010 day involved this beautiful Cooper Hawk. At the time I was taking these shots he was surrounded by crows.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sandhill Cranes coming in for the night Nov 15, 2010

The highlight was at 4pm when thousands of sandhill cranes, canada geese and ducks flew in to the fields. The sky was full and the wonderfull calls of all the birds was amazing.

Red Tailed Hawks and more - Nov 15, 2010

Today Janice and I took off to get some birds. Our big surprise was no birds. By 2:30 we had really nothing but ducks red tails and herons. We had a great time and landed up with some nice shots. I have one really nice shots of Janice wearing her Elmer Fudd hat but promised not to post it. She was going to make me walk home. lol

Red Tailed hawk

Great Blue Heron

Janice in the fields


Rusty Blackbird


Juv Black Crowned Night Heron