Sunday, July 29, 2012

Osprey - juvenile takes flight

mmmm this is a great nest

had enough of it - yikes I am flying


Proud and free

This nest is just to small for the two of us.

Osprey - A juvenile and adult.

This is a very long story and for Janice to tell.  Enjoy a few photos.
back on nest

Why stay on nest when I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

take off

Adult comes in for a look

How many times do I tell you to not land on the wires - come back to the nest now

look at the adult wings
Love this shot

visiting osprey from another nest.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Red-necked Grebe - Young bird still being fed by parents July 21 2012

Janice and I were at the harbour today watching this sweet young grebe
Too too cute
This young Red-necked grebe drifted right towards us.

Try out for the olympics

The reflections and still water were beautiful today.
Enjoy - lots more to come

Common Tern - love is in the air July 21, 2012

Janice and I went to Bronte Harbour today and saw a pair of Common Terns.
Love the sound of the common tern

And so did the female

As love was in the air

and the screaming continues

Purple Martins, adult and juveniles in the marsh July 21, 2012

Such a thrill today to see Purple Martins in a marsh.  On the branches, flying, feeding
and colouring

Purple Martin adult feeding young

and they never stopped screaming

Unexpected thrill of the day

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red-necked Grebe on the nest with four eggs.

The nest is in a tire at a boat marina.  Charlotte and i sat on the rocks and watched them even in the rain.  People told us that she had 3 eggs hatch and only the one baby survived.  Lets hope they all survive the second clutch.
carefully stepping around the 4 eggs

She went off the nest for no more than 2 minutes then right back
We did not see her eat the whole time we were there

Carefully sitting down

Male and Female Grebe