Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bald Eagles and more Bald Eagles, Feb 26, 2011

As part of the tour with Authentic Canadian Tours - Murray promised us bald eagles. I didn't really think to much about it as we all know sometimes you see a bird and other times nothing.. Well we saw 12 of them plus 2 on the ice. Totally amazing. Enjoy the next 6 entries and more information on the company.

Bald Eagles Bald Eagles and more Bald Eagles Feb 26, 2011

This pair of bald eagles gave the trip the most memorable sights. Imagine 7 of them playing together in the sky above you. Now imagine two of them talon touching and chasing one another.

Authentic Canadian Tours

Authentic Canadian Tours
Spend Saturday with Murray's new tours. Authentic Canadian Tours bald eagles and owls. We had so much fun and honestly it was a day of wonderful memories. You will already have seen my bald eagle photos but shortly you will see the short eared owls, tuffed titmouse and more.
It was a great day and met some new birding friends. Thank you Murray. Highly recommend you go to the site for the next tour Algonquin Park.

Northern Harrier, Red Bellied Woodpecker and Lifer Tuffed Titmouse Yahoo

Ok finally I got the Tuffed Titmouse. Two of them. I have been trying to see one for 2 years. While in Cayuga people had seen titmouse just 10 minutes befor. So I waited and tried another feeder. Figures it is at the first one I just left. No now it is at the other one I just left. I still haven't seen the little guy. Finally he decided to show himself and have some food. Thank you Murray.

Ok so can anyone guess who's bum this is? I was trying to take a short of the tuffed titmouse

A beautiful Northern Harrier

Red Bellied Woodpeckers. Saw 2 and heard one a long ways away.

Horned larks and Short Eared Owls Feb 26, 2011

We visited Fisherville to see the short eared owls. There were four of them very close to the house. Make sure you do not go on the property (even the ditch) as the owners are a bit tired of all the people coming to see the owls.

Notice the little ear tuffs (look like horns)

Hundreds of Horned larks today

Check out their next trip.

Trumpeter Swans, Glaucous Gull Juv, Feb 26, 2011

Last spot of the day but one beautiful sight.
Glaucous Gull Juvenile
A rare to uncommon visitor in our part of Ontario. Notice the pink legs with a bit of pinkish bill. Thanks Peter for finding it.

Last shot of the trip.

We could hear them before we got off the bus. Hundreds of them and more coming in.

Hundreds of trumpeter swans at Burlington