Friday, March 20, 2015

Long-tailed Duck. March 2015

My very favourite shot of the Long-tailed duck diving

underwater shot

in fliht

It takes a long-tailed duck 5 years to get his tail.  Only the males have tails.  Red eyes

In flight

Mink at the water March 2015

Such a cute little mink.  This is not an animal you want to get close to.  Seen a mink take out a duck and gull from underwater.

Coming out of hole 

eating the bread people were throwing in water for swans and ducks. Not a good diet for a mink

Yup a male

Look at those whiskers

and teeth

A fight for the bread. Luckily all escaped without injury.

Tundra Swan in Toronto March 2015

First time seeing a tundra up close.  Love the eye colour and the yellow patch on bill

Amazing looking swan

Feather softness

feeding underwater


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Redhead Duck - Toronto 2015 March

Not my first time seeing this redhead but the closest I have ever been to one.  Sitting on top of a rock and he was swimming below me.

So cool to see him diving over and over again

My favourite shot

Love the eye colour and the redhead

Not to be outdone is the female redhead

Ok now I am confused the book said yellow eyes and this one has orange red eyes

Wilson Plover - Lifer in Florida 2015

Thanks to Donna we spotted this bird with a long dark bill.  Amazing considering there were so many running around the beach.   A lifer for us.  So excited to see one.


Look at the camera

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Short-tailed Hawk - Florida 2015 Captive

While visiting The Avian Reconditioning Centre we were thrilled to have the opportunity to see two Short-tailed Hawk
Being a true lover of hawk this beautiful.  Look at the crown on the top of the head.  Stunning Stunning bird.  

Marking are stunning

What a hawk

Volunteer shows us the bird up close and personal.

Check out the eyes 


Back and tail feathers.
If you are in Florida check out this location.
Photo shoots like this help fund the care and rehabbing of injured and other birds.