Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dark and Light morph Rough-legged Hawk Dec 2014

Such a thrill to see this dark morph roughie.  Stopped him first on the pole on the side of a road.  He quickly flew into the bushes.  So amazing.  Make sure you enlarge this shot to see the hawk.

landing and again check out the colouring on this hawk

Not to be outdone by the other hawk this light morph rough-legged hawk is stunning as well.  

amazing hawks.

Snowy Owls in Ontario Dec 2014

For the second year in a row snowy owls are being seen all over the place. I went out looking for them in 4 different locations.  I was not disappointed.  One or more were seen at each location.  The above shot is my favourite as the wind is blowing the feathers.  Notice the bright yellow eyes.

Wind blowing feathers


Chris and I saw this beauty when working the other day. 

enjoying the sunshine

out on the backroads

can you see the owl in this shot.  

Starling with extra long beak - Toronto Dec 2014

While driving in Scarborough Chris M and I saw this starling sitting on the line with a unusual beak.  We drove into the parking lot and the starling flew right beside car.  A few shots of the bill.  The starling was eating and seemed to be doing ok.

You can see the bill is open and food is in between.

He was preening 

again another shot of him with food between beak.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Red Fox released back in wild. December 8, 2014

Thanks to Toronto Wildlife Centre this fox is once again free. 

October this young red fox was captured with mange.  Mange is treatable.  Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre.

December 8, 2014 here is the same fox.  Beautiful fur, healthy and ready to be set free.  He was released in the same location as found.  

Smelling the ground

Leaving his scent in the bushes.

Looking over the bluffs 

Good luck Red.