Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Julie and the Chickadee

A nice day and Julie was feeding the chickadees.

Poor Julie. Scared of a chickadee lol

Cranberry Marsh

Eastern Screech Owl and The Bluffs Nov 28 2012

In my backyard a beautiful
Grey Morph Eastern
Screech Owl

The Bluffs

Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday gift from my daughter Julie and Janice

If you are looking for a wonderful Birthday, Christmas, Get well Gift.
Give the gift of a donation to The Wildlife Centre.
The gift gives you the wonderful knowledge that you
are helping animals in need.
I just received this from my daugher Julie,
and another one from my friend Janice.
Thank you
and the wonderful staff at the
Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Barred Owl - second juvenile released Nov 24, 2012

I like this box
Xmas is early - I wonder what is in the box.

MMMMMMMMMM maybe she won't see me

Away I go into the wild.

This photo has been lighten so you can see the beautiful Barred owl
Check the moon behind

Not cropped.

Enjoy your freedom. Be safe.

Thank you to Donna H who took these photos.  This was our second release of the day.
The Toronto Wildlife Centre rescued this juvenile owl. 
The Owl Foundation did the rehab . Thank you both organizations for your
amazing work.

Barred Owl Release - with Donna H.

Donna and I took a trip to The Owl Foundation to pick up two
juvenile owls to be released. 
The Toronto Wildlife Centre rescued the owls and then send them to the
Owl Foundation for rehab.

Donna did the first release and this young owl was ready to come out of the box.
The most amazing part of the release was there were 8 deer in the woods around us.
Taking photos at dusk is always so I hope you enjoy these shots.

Ok who is happier the owl or Donna

Can you see the owl in the tree?  Sun going down.

Both these shots have been lightened to show some details of the Barred Owl.

On the way to The Owl Foundation we stopped at Burlington to enjoy the
landscapes.  Donna was watching a Hooded Merganzer in the water.
Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation
for all your great work.

Great Horned Owl Release - a very old girl

The Owl Foundation had a very old Great Horned Owl to release the same
day as Donna and I were doing Barred Owl releases. 
We were able to see this old girl before we left.

she was in on a talon injury

But healthy again to be released

Molt and Feathers

We sure loved looking at her

The Owl Foundation has the owls in huge flight cages to make sure
they are healthy enough to go back in the wild.
But they must catch them before they can go free.

Annick is very good at this.

The Owl Foundation was so pleased to be able to release this owl.
You don't see many old ones.

Thank you to The owl Foundation for all your work.

Deer and Red Screech Owl Nov 24, 2012

Not one but 8 of them at golden hour

Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl.

Empress a 10 year old beautiful dog - Nikki's girl

On our coyote weekend we had a lovely dog join us.
She enjoyed the fresh snow on the ground.

Pine Grosbeak up north - Nov 2012

Male Pine Grosbeaks

Look at the colours

My berries

Female Pine Grosbeak

Hungry birds

Amazing to watch
We saw the Pine Grosbeaks because Andrea saw a Raven.  As she got out of the car, Janice saw the touch of red in the berry bushes.