Friday, August 6, 2010

Osprey at the Bridge - August 3, 2010

Janice and I found 8 osprey nest around her cottage. Here is one of the location with 3 young.

This is a series of shot of behaviour I have not seen before from a fledged osprey. It was pouring rain outside when I arrived at the bridge. One osprey was sitting on log in the water. This was very cool and I saw him do it 3 times from beginning to end. Very neat.

Sitting on the branch

Swimming in the water (thought he was drowning)

the beginning of the take off from the water make sure you double click these shots to see them larger

He has lift off

now flying in the air

He dives down and touches the water with his talons

Back in the air flying again

Mega Poop shot. Janice was behind the car when I took this shot but both of us heard it land just in front of me. It was really too close. We both had a huge laugh over this

A couple of shot of a juvenile. notice the orange eye

Adult eating fish - again notice the yellow eyes.

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