Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cole and Reid holding Aligator in florida. Dec 2015

Look at me holding this gator

Mom Cole and Reid and Gator
Reid and the gator.

Reid taking photos

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Florida Dec 2015

Another great bird in Florida..   We saw 4 of them.  This is shots of the first one. 
Notice in some shots a nice red patch at the top of the wing. 

Love the catch eye

Gray Kingbird Florida Dec 2015

Gray Kingbird.  Sadly only two shots of this lovely bird. Thanks to Holly we had an amazing day in Florida for lifers.

Gray Kingbird lower left corner

Western Kingbird in Florida Dec 2015

Western Kingbird in Florida with Holly.  Great day with many lifers. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lesser Black-backed gull Barrie Dec 2015

Lesser Black-backed Gull  thanks to Jean Iron and Ron Pittaway. 
The other shots below I am not sure all are correct so please do correct me if wrong.  

The different colour and pattern on feathers plus bill and gull size

again check bill and size and colour

Thank you Ron and Jean

Great black-backed gull in Barrie December 2015

Greater Black-backed gulls up in Barrie. 

Head on shot

Watched this pair of Greater Black-backed gulls appear to be courting.  A juvenile tried to interfere and was told to get lost.

1st winter gull wanted to join in
getting closer

told to get lost
Information taken directly from Jean Iron Blog regarding banded gull.
Banded adult Great Black-backed Gull (OR5) on Lake Simcoe at Minet's Point in Barrie on 15 November 2015. It was banded on May 20, 2011 at Appledore Island, Isle of Shoals, Maine. 0R5 was a nesting adult at the time of banding (four+ years of age) and thus is part of the Gulls of Appledore long-term research project started in 2005."

walking in water

people leaving their junk on sand.  Jean was going to clean it up before they left.

1st winter greater black-backed gull

with fish