Monday, November 30, 2009

Hooded Merganzers Nov 30, 2009

A few more photos of the hoodies. What a beautiful duck these are. The female is so delicate. Enjoy.

Bufflehead Male

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fox and Babies - Past favourite 2008

Was able to see mom and dad fox with 5 kits feeding. Very exciting to watch them for 4 weeks. This was a once in a lifetime experience. Both male and female fox were very skinny but they were so good with the 5 kits. The male did most of the babysitting and he was so patient and kind with the kits. The female was very demanding and yet so gentle when cleaning the kits.

All 7 suvived the 2008 year. In 2009 the male and female were hit by a car prior to the babies coming out.

Photo Class at Mountsberg - Owls oh my

Went to Mountsberg early in the morning. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and -20 Just a perfect day to take a photography lesson outdoors for 3 hours. I am really happy with my shots. Will try and do it again this winter.

1st year Bald Ealge - Nov.22, 2008 Some past favourites

Last November 22 Walter and I were on the way to the spit to look for owls. As we were driving at Kingston Road and Main I saw a large bird in a tree. Made a turn to check it out and yes it was a beautiful 1st year Bald Eagle. I took over 200 shots and he just sat in the tree looking around. Lee arrived to see the eagle. Out of the blue a red tail hawk came and started to attack the eagle. The red tail was making the wonderful call over and over - finally the eagle had enough and left.