Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Screech owl in Nest box Feb 14 2016

Looks who came home for a visit
First day of arrival Feb 14
Happy Valentines day
6th year in a row.

First sighting

Barred Owl from a few days ago. Feb 2016

What a beauty
Parked on an old fence right beside road.  Photos from inside car.

Love this shot

He flew from one fence pole to the next

thinking of flying again

onto a high sign post

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Canada Geese in a blizzard Feb 6, 2016

Our last stop was Halls Road.  Within minutes we had a blizzard with limited vision

Just a quickly they took off in flight.  I do believe a coyote was behind them. 

Hundreds and Hundreds of them

A day of driving - highlight Lambs and Sheep.

Sara and I took a drive north of the city.  Our first stop was a farm full of newborn lambs.
Lots of photos as they were just too cute.

Baby horns. 

Dad has some funky horns

Looking out of the barn

Young one says do I really have to go out


Mom and two newborn with a another lamb a few days older.

Jumping for joy
this lamb was very active

Amhurst Island with friends Feb 2016

With Helena, Brenda and Ron we travelled all the roads on Amhurst Island.  My very favourite shot was the wool tree.

This guy wanted to visit us.  But there was a sign that said
Beware Ram Attacks.

Lots of rock fences

A very pretty young deer spotted by Helena.

the four friends

going on a owl hunt

Great day