Monday, August 27, 2012

The Night of the Green Herons - 12 of them calling and flying

As Janice and I arrived at the marsh we saw one green heron.
We were pleased.

Suddenly we saw green herons everywhere

at sunset arrived so did more green herons

4 in the tree across the way

more in the trees next to them.
The colour is different depending on the time
We enjoyed watching them fly, calling out.
Also to end the display we saw one common nighthawk.

The next day by the water we see another Green Heron on a log

Overall we saw 14 green herons in two days.

Turkey vultures Adult and Juvenile and Northern Harrier

Adult Turkey Vulture
at our favourite location

Love this shot

Juvenile Turkey Vulture - notice the partial black face

Northern Harrier at the marsh

We saw 6 types of hawk over the weekend.  More over the next few days

Osprey Juvenile - Will all be gone soon - Migration

One of the osprey by Janice's cottage

Trying to balance food and standing

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Another nest with two juveniles
Notice the one is mantling his food

Same nest with third juvenile on wire

Back at Janice nest and well one beautiful artistic poop shot.

Look at the size of the fish

Dad coming in with food for the one active nest with babies

suddenly everyone came flying home.  two on nest and two in air

Wild Turkeys, Sora, Virginia Rail and Juv Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Wild Turkeys
Check out the young turkey below

Crazy Janice and I saw the Sora (with a yellow beak) and behind it a Virginia Rail

Virginia Rail with juveniles

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker - juvenile
Grea spotting by Janice

Another fantastic weekend at Janice's cottage.  So many photos - it will take a few days. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at Norma and Al's place

One of many hummingbirds at Norma and Al's house.
Stopped for a nice visit with Norma and saw both male and female hummingbirds.

Baltimore Orioles and more backyard birds

Baltimore Oriole
Watched this young oriole try and figure out how to get the nector out of the feeder. He
would hit the bowl then look under it .  Funny

Our friendly Chippy

One of a dozen woodpeckers hanging around

This bunny likes our back yard. Drives my dog Rory nuts.