Monday, May 26, 2014

Eastern Towhee, Swallow and a Trillium Carden May 2014

We heard the towhee before we saw him.  In the rain sitting on the post singing his heart out.

The rain come down and we sit in the car


A beautiful Bluebird 

Nest building by the swallow.

Eastern Kingbird and a Common Snipe May 2014

Eastern Kingbird.  Saw lots of this beautiful bird while driving up in the Carden area.

Spinning head trick

Hidden in the tall grass was a few Common Snipes.  We heard more than saw.
I just love this shot of him on the post with the soft colours behind him.  Just before the rain came down.


Golden-winged Warbler in Carden May 2014

Golden-winged Warbler.
Not my first one but certainly the closest one I have ever seen.
Charm and I got some really good long looks of this stunning warbler.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Upland Sandpiper and Bobolinks at Carden May 23, 2014

Just a spectacular bird the Upland Sandpiper.  Charm spotted the bird while I was driving.  Had some amazing views of it.
At the end we realized there were two of them.
We had a fanastic day in the rain with lots of great spottings.

Bobolinks - we saw quite a few at Carden
This is the male

And the female
First time I have gotten a photo of the female.

Yellow breasted Chat - Lifer for me on May 13, 2014 Ashbridges Bay

Donna and I went for a walk two days looking for the Yellow Breasted Chat.  Donna found the chat on the first outing and this is the only shot I got.  The second morning he was very active but high up and poor lighting.
But it was nice to see another new bird.

Chat spend most of the time on the top of the branches 

Like this eye shot

A great couple of days walking, looking up and looking up and seeing something very special.
FYI spend the next two weeks in massage and physio for my neck.
Worth it - hell yes

Red-necked Grebes from mating to 3 chicks.

Back on April 21, 2014 MC, Glenda and I went to see how the Red-necked grebe family was doing.  It was doing just find, building the nest, fishing and then the highlight mating.  

All done now pass the cigar

AND THEN ON MAY 25, 2014 

Meet the three kids.  Female is on water, Male on nest (with one egg still there) and 2 little head on her back and one by the female beak.

feed me

A Grebe necklace.  Can you find all three

Feeding time by Female

All morning they were feeding the young

One of my favourite

Mommy and me time