Friday, October 26, 2012

Red-Shouldered Hawk Day - both adults and juveniles

Around noon the cold air and winds blew in.

With it came over 250+ hawks
but the main attractions was the Red-shouldered Hawks

Adult Red-Shouldered hawk

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

Very cool to see the different angles of flight

Sweet day

Barred Owl - a happy ending for this owl

I received a call from my friend Janice Hill who volunteers at the Oshawa Humaine Society. 
A gentleman had called that a owl had hit the building and was on the ground. They put a table over him and covered the table with towels. He was being attacked by crows.
Toronto Wildlife was called and were not able to get there and asked is
 someone bring in the owl.
Janice called me and I said sure I would try and help.
Janice picked me up as I was not able to drive. By the time we got to the house
the owl had flown into the nearby tree.

He was alert and seemed ok

but we noticed he had one eye closed.
I called Rescue and was told if the owl was in the same tree tomorrow
or on the ground to call tomorrow. As we spoke the owl took off
in flight. Beautiful.

He landed somewhere in the tree .

Janice and I watched him with all the neighbours for the next two hours.
Everyone was enjoying this amazing bird. Also everyone was respecting his space.

The crows were bugging him but most of the time he was sleeping in the tree


How beautiful is this.

Good luck Barred Owl.
The next morning he was gone. 

I love animals and birds and I would try and help them if I can.
I do believe the owl was a male (not very big).
His behaviour seemed young but as I have been told it is difficult to tell.
The only way is by the tail feathers.
The owl was more than 20 feet up so no one will ever know if he was an adult or juvenile.

Thank you Janice Hill and Oshawa Humane Society for helping this wonderful owl.
Thank you to Bill and his wife for calling to get help for the owl.
Thank you Andrew for your advice on what to do.

and lastly thank goodness the owl was OK.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Black Crowned Night Heron, Merlin, Owl and Wood Ducks Oct 2012

You don't get many days like this where you have a nice sunny day, amazing
birds, owls and hawks, and an owl release to finish off the day.

At LaSalle Beach when a beautiful Black Crowned Night Heron landed in the tree by me

A Merlin  hunting

A beautiful Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl sunbathing

A glint in his eye

Nearby a Sharp Shinned Hawk was also hunting

After the owl release we saw Wood Ducks in the pond
A stunning female, male and young ones.

Eastern Screech Owl release Oct 24, 2012 Release to fly again

Today was very special to be able to release a 1st year 
EasternScreech Owl - female -gray morph
on behalf of The Owl Foundation

She had some great attitude and the release went perfect

Donna Hayes, my daughter Julie and I met up to do the release.
Found the perfect place in the middle of the woods. 
Just perfect (Julie found it for me)
and Donna did the release -
opened the box and our little girl was gone.
With stong wing strokes, she flew up and then low,
between trees, down the hill and gone.
We looked around the trees for her just to
 see her once more but she was gone.

No photos were taken as she was out of the box before you could hit the button.
Thank you The Owl Foundation for again helping the owls. The Eastern Screech Owl fell out of the tree and had head trauma.  She taught us that with proper treatment she was ready to go in the wild again. Support your local wildlife organizations and make sure you have their phone number on your speed dial.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Photo Journal by Ann: Great Horned Owl Flight to Freedom Release Oct 20,...

Photo Journal by Ann: Great Horned Owl Flight to Freedom Release Oct 20,...: Chris M - volunteer with Toronto Wildlife Centre and I were thrilled to release a beautiful large female Great Horned Owl.    Take...

Great Horned Owl Flight to Freedom Release Oct 20, 2012

Chris M - volunteer with Toronto Wildlife Centre and I were thrilled to release a
beautiful large female Great Horned Owl.

Take off - the owl was just bouncing in the box wanting to go. And go she did.
Photo by Chris McConnell

Flight to freedom shot of the owl.
Photo by: Chris McConnell

She flew fast and did a turn, a dip and then almost to the top of the tree. 

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This is the box that the owl was transported in. She really wanted out.

Thank you to Toronto Wildlife Centre for helping this young owl when she fell out of her nest (twice)  in Toronto.  Thank you to The Owl Foundation for helping her to learn to hunt
and to final let her be be FREE............................................

Without the two groups this young owl would never had made it.