Monday, November 30, 2015

Eastern Screech Owlette

A 5 week old Eastern Screech owl a few years back found by my buddy Carol.  She found mom and dad  in the next tree and the baby was in the bushes.  He sat in the tree still and then tried to climb to the next branch. 

I love this look. 

Looking up at mom and dad.

Trying to climb the branch.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Red Fox climbing a tree!!!!

MMMMMMMMM how do I get up there.  Donna and I were thrilled to watch this fox climb a tree.  First for me.

Step one climb the broken branch

jump from broken branch to the other tree

use side of tree to get extra push

up the tree now what

Nice view up here.

Think I will just sit down and smell the roses.  I love this shot

Red Fox Adventure

What a beauty. Red fox in northern Ontario.

Looking around but love the paw in air
Perfect stance

Nature at its best

Playing in the tall the grass.  There were three at one time