Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Place in the Friends of the Osprey photo contest Sept 26 2010

I received a call today from Terry at the Friends of the Osprey to let me know that my photo had won the contest. Wow I am totally thrilled.

The Friends of the Osprey is a not for profit group that helps develop programs on ospreys but most important help ospreys in trouble. Take a look at their website.
They have two ospreys that have a tracking device on it and one is in Cuba and one in Haiti. Nice place to go for the winter.

In order to help the organization I am donating my prize - professional framed photo of my osprey and they can sell it or raffle it off - all funds will be donated to the Friends of the Osprey.

Sora, Phoebe and warbler Sept 26, 2010

Bird of the Day is a Sora. Thanks to Lee and Chris for letting me know he was there and Attila and Ross for their patience in helping me get a shot. By the time they said over here (the Sora was gone) and when it finally came out in the open my card was full and I missed the shot. lol



Red Tailed Hawk vs the Crows and Merlin Sept 26, 2010

Leslie and Mike at the watch

Great day at the hawk watch. Nice and low birds. Great friends to be around.

Merlin flying by fast.

Merlin juvenile at hawk watch at Rosetta

Merlin - juvenile at my house

Merlin and Blue Jay in same tree hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bald Eagle juvenile off the bluffs

Red-Tailed hawk juvenile - notice the belly band on the second shot.

REd-Tailed hawk being chased by crows (there were 7 crows)

Banded Red Tail - see the red band on the back talon

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hawk Watch at Rosetta and Kestrels, Egrets Sept 25, 2010

Had a great day at the hawk watch today. Lots of low flying birds started the morning. The rouge beach park continues to be a favourite spot to see egrets and more.

Northern Harrier - many juveniles came through today

Osprey - 2 today

Sharp Shinned Hawk with a full crop of food


Egret in flight

American Kestrels.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Egrets wow they are beautiful Sept 22, 2010

I would like to see you catch a fish like that

Long neck

Fluffy wings

Beauty in motion

Family arrives from Holland Sept 21, 2010

Jef and Ingrid are visiting from Holland. We went for a drive to Rouge Beach so they could see the egrets, herons and hawks.

Great Blue Heron chasing a cormorant

osprey Hunting

Turkey Vultures

Gull diving for food