Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooper hawk juvenile

After a long day at work I came home to watch the hummingbirds when a hawk landed under my side bird feeder. I quickly got up to see it and it flew into the tree. I was able to get one shot of it - first photo. I came inside thinking that was very cool when I saw the Cooper Hawk land under the bird feeder again. He had supper in mind. I went back out and looked in the tree and down he jumped on the ground and started to walk around. Shot number 2. My husband and I watched him for a couple of minutes when he flew ahead and grabbed something from the grass with his talons and flew away. What a beautiful bird.

Monday, August 24, 2009

American Avocet, Egrets in a tree, Red Tail and a Great Blue Heron in my Backyard August 24, 2009

American Avocet

Great Blue Heron on the Roof - can you believe this-I go to marshes to look for them and one comes to my house

Great Egret

The day was fantastic. For lunch I took a walk to a new location and what a treat. I was greeted by a red tail calling. When I was watching him I noticed 7 egrets in a tree. They were startled by the call of the red tail and flew around me for a good 5 min before they settled in the water and then flew back to the tree.
After work I went to see the Avocet at Pringle Creek. What a beautiful little bird.
Lastly I am just finishing supper when my next door neighbour comes and knocks on the door and say the great blue heron is on the roof. Grabbed my camera again and took a few shots.

What a day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hawks, herons, Hummingbirdds, Songbirds and more Aug 23, 2009

Male and Female Goldfinch


Greater Yellowleg

Great Blue Heron


Male and Female Hummingbirds

Young Blue Jay

Cooper Hawk

Turkey Vulture

Over the past few days an assortment of birds from my house and area. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Juv Oriole, Purple finch, Juv Cardinals August 16 2009

Purple Finch

Baby Robin -love the eye brows


Juvenile Oriole - had 5 today

Cardinal in molt

Juvenile Cardinal - no beak colour

A couple from my house.

Great Blue Heron, Raccoon and REd Tail Hawk

A few of a great blue heron and red tail hawk. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moorhen Adult and Chicks, Green Heron and wood ducks and babies August 8, 2009

I know this is out of order but too many photos to look at. Yesterday Carol and I went for a quick drive in the morning. We were so pleased as we saw a moorhen adult with many chicks. A lifer for both of us. We are sure there were 2 families. Now they were a long ways away but we were trilled to have seen them.
Also a few green herons flying and sitting in a marsh as well as a wood duck with young.

Black Crown Night Heron, Hummingbird August 9 2009 (double click to enlarge photos)

A very quick walk to the marsh to see 6 black crown night herons, great blue heron, and lot of little birds.

At home I arrive to see my female hummingbird sitting in a tree. Walked up and snapped a photo. She let me take 50 shots and then I left. She was still there preening herself. Amazing.