Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice Storm - bald eagle, nuthatch, sparrows and more on icy branches.

Juvenile Bald Eagle on a icy branch

 take off

Cardinal on snow and ice

One of three cooper hawks

 a pair of red breasted nuthatch

 sparrow on ice

This sparrow got stuck on the ice.  I watched him for over an hour then walked out to the tree and he flapped his wings but didn't move. I went back into the garage and got the broom stick as he was high in the tree. I gently tapped the bottom of the ice branch and pieces of ice broke away  and away he flew. I hope he was ok. 

Ice Storm Toronto - Cedar Ridge Creative Centre and birds on icy branches

The entrance to Cedar Ridge

 I had to work on Dec 24. It was great as we had no power at our house, so no heat, no hydro.  My supervisor got a call to check out this location so I went with her.  While she worked I wandered around the property.
All photos taken with my pocket point and shoot.

 frozen leaf
 my car at work

looking out the back window
 Pair of Chick-a-dees

Ice Lanscapes in Toronto, Ontario

 over the rouge river
 a old chain fence frozen
 snowing in the fields
 a double link fence
skating on the pond

 Julie looking over the rouge
 a mix of field shots

 train tracks

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Great Blue Heron up north in the snow Dec 2013

Last thing I expected to see last weekend was a great blue heron in a snow covered creek.  All the rest of the creek was frozen. Not sure what he was hunting for in water. Looks very healthy and definitely not sick. Flying back and forth. 

Snow covered feet

Looks very healthy