Monday, October 31, 2016

A visit to Jungle Cat World - education program behind the scenes.

Happiness is giving a wolf a hug

Happiness is two wolves

A big kiss from a wolf

Getting to feed two red foxes

So pretty

Getting to pat a white lion cub
Donna and I had a great time.  I will be back

Deer - doe and fawns

Love the deer at Shirleys. 

Landscapes and Pair of Fox showing who is alpha Oct 2016

My favourite shot of the trip to Algonquin

Lighting and first snow was amazing

Footsteps in the snow

My favourite nature shots.  All rights reserved@Ann Brokelman

A great experience watching the 2 foxes.  One was very submissive.

Red Fox in the snow october 2016

Just enjoying the day

First snow fall
Fox comes out of the woods

Look at how beautiful his coat is

Lovely fox

Looking around

Look at that colour and tail

Red Fox October 2016 All rights reserved@Ann Brokelman

Love how ground matches the fox

Beautiful winter coats and bushy tails

What are you looking at lady

Love how his toes are pushed up

Looking at the Blue Jays

Snooze time

Wonderful experience to visit with the foxes.