Friday, March 31, 2017

Limpkins with apple snails Florida

You can not miss the sound of the limpkin but they are very hard to see them. 
In this shot there are two limpkins. The male is taking an apple snail to the female.


Black and White Warbler Florida

On the last day we had a good look at a few warblers that were coming though.   This is a Black and White warbler.  Stunning little zebra birds. 

Green Herons on Nest

While in Florida Holly and I saw two green herons on nest plus mate not far away.  Amazing how close they nest to the boardwalks.  I also didn't know they used stick nests.  So amazing to see. 

A second nest

Gopher Tortiose in florida LIFER

I was thrilled to see a gopher tortoise LIFER. 
Also was able to help one. He had been flipped over. Grabbed towel from Holly\s car, jumped the fence and
went over to give him a helping hand.  He quickly took off. 

see tongue

Blue Winged Teal - Florida

Blue Winged Teal Ducks.  Saw quite a few in Florida.  Loved the lighting on this visit to Green Cay.





Burrowing Owls in Florida 2017

While in Florida I was lucky enough to see many burrowing owls.  The photos here was our first stop after Holly picked me up from the airport.  We saw them decorating the nest.  Digging the burrows. 
No sign of babies but a few pairs working on burrows. 


Decorating the nest

More decorations

One pair of owls we saw

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cattle Egret in Florida

Everywhere you look on the roads, parks, front yards and fields with cows are Cattle Egret.  They are adorable little egrets.  I have seen a few in Ontario but hundreds in Florida. 

This one caught my eye because of the colour - a peach tone.  He was busy picking up bugs and wandering around a ranchers field. 

Every cow in the field had a egret pecking off bugs.  Cool to watch.