Monday, April 24, 2017

Wood Ducks in Brooding boxes at Rebecca's Florida

A pair of wood ducks are waiting to lay eggs. At this time she is checking out the box.  He is standing guard

I would like to thank Rebecca for allowing me the thrill of watching the wood duck choosing a box to lay the eggs.  you have an amazing place and the swallow tailed kite you ordered in was exceptional 

Holly again thank you for asking Rebecca.
Had an amazing holiday with you.

Finally she decides to go.  Into the box she flies. 

Almost in.  The male stayed on top of the box till she was done and flew back out.

Protecting his mate

Rebecca's house had amazing trees surround the pond. See 2 wood ducks on the branch

After laying the eggs the pair takes a swim around the pond


Another female comes to close to the male.  The female scream at each other.  The male just enjoys it.

Love this shot of the male in the silvery water

Can you see them in the water lillies

Another pair waiting their turn in the nesting boxes

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