Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Burrowing Owls - owlettes in Florida

Meet the family.  4 babies and mom.
Dad was farther away watching from the distance.

This was my first sighting ever of seeing the young owlettes.
Thank you so much Holly

wing stretches

I thought this was an adult until we got closer to see an owlette on the post.

Wing stretches

3 owlettes

Hissing like a snake. We were not close but they still practiced their calls.

Love the head tilts

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Mom watches the burrow of owls

The first night we got there after the golden hour.
Holly was calling me to let me know there were babies.
Me I was off with a gopher tortiose

Mom with 3 young

One took off in front of the others.  I happened to click when he flew over the burrow.  Mom was not even concerned.
It was amazing

All open their eyes and look when a plane goes over

Mouth wide open

I am still in awe of these little guys

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