Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tree Snail, Magnificent frigatebird, and Broadwing hawks migrating

Tree Snails in the Keys

What are those shells doing in a tree.  Question to Holly and here is the link to the pdf to explain it.

This is one of those shots you take and find out something is in shot.  Not the warbler you were after but something very different.

Magnificent frigatebird.

On the drive to the keys we saw 2 of them.  Both high in the sky but great to see.
Rocks on the same trail. 

While walking in one of the parks we saw 4 broadwings with Turkey vultures kittling in the sky.  Great sight to see.
We then proceeded to get lost and were found by the Key county staff.  A ride on the back of a truck and we got back safely to our car.  Our half mile walk turned into a many mile walk.  Bugs and no water. 

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