Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Horned Owl Flight to Freedom Release Oct 20, 2012

Chris M - volunteer with Toronto Wildlife Centre and I were thrilled to release a
beautiful large female Great Horned Owl.

Take off - the owl was just bouncing in the box wanting to go. And go she did.
Photo by Chris McConnell

Flight to freedom shot of the owl.
Photo by: Chris McConnell

She flew fast and did a turn, a dip and then almost to the top of the tree. 

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This is the box that the owl was transported in. She really wanted out.

Thank you to Toronto Wildlife Centre for helping this young owl when she fell out of her nest (twice)  in Toronto.  Thank you to The Owl Foundation for helping her to learn to hunt
and to final let her be be FREE............................................

Without the two groups this young owl would never had made it.

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