Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eastern Screech Owl release Oct 24, 2012 Release to fly again

Today was very special to be able to release a 1st year 
EasternScreech Owl - female -gray morph
on behalf of The Owl Foundation

She had some great attitude and the release went perfect

Donna Hayes, my daughter Julie and I met up to do the release.
Found the perfect place in the middle of the woods. 
Just perfect (Julie found it for me)
and Donna did the release -
opened the box and our little girl was gone.
With stong wing strokes, she flew up and then low,
between trees, down the hill and gone.
We looked around the trees for her just to
 see her once more but she was gone.

No photos were taken as she was out of the box before you could hit the button.
Thank you The Owl Foundation for again helping the owls. The Eastern Screech Owl fell out of the tree and had head trauma.  She taught us that with proper treatment she was ready to go in the wild again. Support your local wildlife organizations and make sure you have their phone number on your speed dial.

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