Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wolf at Algonquin Park. - Oh my a wolf laying on the ice. - Make sure you double click to see them on the full screen. The wolf was some distance off.

I have always dreamed of seeing a wolf at Algonquin Park but prior to this weekend no luck. Friday March 29 at 1:30pm we saw a wolf laying in the middle of the ice. Our first thought was it was sick or something was wrong. This was a day of patience. We waited and waited and finally we were rewarded by the wolf getting up and wandering towards the road. He was very alert and watching everything around him. Seeing people by the road he went back on the ice and layed down again. We had been there for 2 hours at this point. We were thrilled to have seen him walking (not sick at all) but very healthy. He got up and wandered again but this time to the opposite side of the lake. We watched him dissappear from sight. Thrilling. On our return pass the lake he was still in the same spot. He had come back. So we had lunch in the car and then saw movement. The wolf was getting up and toward the other end of the ice closest to the road. Our last sight was the wolf off the ice and into the woods.


  1. I wonder how those wildlife photographers take these pics without any fear! I am just afraid to see them even from distance! Cant imagine about spending a minute there! I have stayed in Algonquin park lakeside inn when i went for a picnic with my family. It was a wonderful trip though.

  2. Amazing! My boyfriend and I are heading to Algonquin Park in a few weeks and wish to see a wolf!!! I know it probably won't happen. If you have any tips or even cool spots to visit to see animals- please let us know. mediumreadings@gmail.com