Saturday, April 20, 2013

Great Horned Owlette rescue and release

Thanks to a couple a great horned owlette was saved. Found on a path they called Toronto Wildlife Centre. The owlette due to the time of day came to stay with me for the night. In the morning I was greeting by clacking and hissing from owlette. A great sign. I dropped him off at TWC. Luckily for the owlette TWC quickly went out made a new nest. Andrew built a new nest out of a laundry basket complete with wood sticks inside and out. He had to climb a tree to put the new nest in safely so it would not come out. Both owlettes were put in the box High in the tree and by next morning mom was in with the owlettes. (some of you may say why a white basket - well that was all that they were able to find) So if you come across some brown laundry baskets pick them up and drop them off at the TWC for future rescues. This is a win win situation by good people who made the call, a creative TWC staff to rebuild nest and a very strong adult Great Horned Owl. The last photos are the owlettes 3 weeks later who had branched from new nest to the branch the nest was attached to. Mom Great Horned owl flew by while I was watching. Thank you Toronto Wildlife Centre.


  1. Thanks Mike. I am so fortunate to volunteer for Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation.