Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Red Fox, Lee playing in the leaves, Ducks, Cooper Hawk and more

Beautiful Red Fox
At Oshawa Harbour we saw a Pacific Loon, Common Loons, Long Tail Ducks and many Red Breasted Merganzers.. Love the take off.
A day out with Lee with lots of great sighting. but my favourite was Lee running around the tree throwing the fall leaves in the air. She wanted it called I won 649 imagine the freedom. I won all of $5.00 lol We went to many locations, Frenchman Bay, Oshawa Harbour, Rotary Park, Thickson Woods but the best bird sighting was at Tim Hortons drive through when a cooper hawk landed in the tree before us.
Ducks flying
Cooper Hawk


  1. hi ann - found your blog from daniel's view. your photos are gorgeous! mind if i follow along? :)

  2. Glad to have you Tex Wis Girl. Every day is a wonderful journey. Ann