Friday, February 18, 2011

Toronto Wildlife Centre - another success story Feb 18 2011

Chris about to do the release of an mallard duck.

I'm free - wow - see how fast I can run

Oh my gosh is that my pond - my friends are there waiting for me

I can fly

Bye bye - thanks Chris for the ride back to the pond

I have been lucky to see a few amazing releases of animals that the Toronto Wildlife Centre has been able to save. This mallard duck had a severe injury but today we witnessed the release back in the wild.
Chris is a volunteer for TWC. She is dedicated and can be found at all hours helping some poor animal in need of help. Thank you Chris and the Toronto Wildlife Centre for all your work.
Congratulations to Janice who has just started to volunteer at the TWC.


  1. Thanks Ann :) I'm glad he is back where he belongs!

  2. Great recap of a wonderful event w such a happy ending, Ann. Thx to Chris for including us, and to Ann for the "congrats" to me as I begin my work w TWC, I'm looking forward to helping them out.

  3. Wao! these are very beautiful pictures.Toronto Wildlife Centre is able to save these animals. Chris you doing realy a good job.Thanks for all these things.