Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barred Owl at dusk Feb 16 2011

On my way to my daughters Jennifers house I stopped to see if the barred owl was there. It was sitting right in the open but the lighting was going. Loved seeing the talons and the beak open.


  1. Hi Ann,

    I see you have been busy, I love the Barred Owl
    set of Photo,s, great captures. Once again I am amazed at the wild life that you shoot.

    Ronnie Guelph.

  2. Wonderfully sharp photo's and interesting poses. You set a standard for which many of us aspire to reach.

    Thank you

  3. Love the barred shots, Ann! His "paws" are something else - you can just imagine the power in his talons in that one shot. Nice to get the beak too. Beautiful!