Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hawks, Hummingbirds, Cardinals and more Sept 4 2010

A busy day - spend the morning at Rosetta McLean Raptor Watch - some nice birds - really low. The colours of the water and the clouds was wonderful. The afternoon Peter and I went to Cranberry Marsh and saw my first close up of a Broadwing Hawk. There were many many hummingbirds there. Nice.

This morning at Rosetta McLean Gardens.

many hummingbirds in the jewel weed

Cormorants in the rain

Gnatcatcher and Red Winged Black Bird

Blue Jay and Cardinal (Male and Female)

Sharp Shinned hawk - close encounter as it flew right at me

A AMerican Kestrel chasing a Peregrine Falcon

Broad Winged hawk

Northern Harrier

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