Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hawks Hawks Ospreys Bald Eagles wow 600+

Today at the Rosetta McLean Hawk Watch it was a flurry of hawks flying by. Jen and i stayed till 1pm then took off (by then we had seen over 300. Frank and the gang saw a total of over 600. A few shots. (Make sure you double click photos to enlarge them - then the blue arrow to go back in blog)

My pic of the day Sharp Shinned Hawk

Migrating Monarch Butterflies

Juvenile Northern Harrier

Juvenile osprey (check out next page on blog - probably the one we saw in the marsh)

Broadwing Hawk vs American kestrel



Red-Tailed hawk

Bald Eagle (far far away)

Jen asked Carol to take some shots and well she took off with the camera having fun. lol

Beryl was enjoying watching the hawks laying on the bench

Murray was out telling people to join us at the hawk watch.

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